General Information

Direct Services for Students:

Individual school-based counseling support is available to all students in grades K-4. We receive referrals from parents, teachers, administrators and students.

Tatiana Vanaria, school counselor, offers support to those students who may be struggling with school-based problems or issues such as learning disabilities, study skills or friendship issues.

Kathy Mitchell, school Social Worker, works with children in the individual and group setting to address and support social emotional learning, behavioral issues and life stressors that are manifested at school such as divorce and changes in family structure, loss in the family and mental health.

It is understood that both emotional and learning based issues can often interfere with a child's performance at school. It is our hope that we can help children perform to their potential and help them to have a positive school experience.

Group Counseling Support

Small group counseling support is offered at Wells Elementary School. Group topics vary, but most often focus on coping with anxiety, anger management strategies, friendship skills, and coping with ADHD, communication, self-esteem, conflict resolution, emotional regulation and social cognition. Groups typically meet once a week for four to six weeks. Typically student referrals for group participation are made through the classroom teacher. Parents are also welcome to contact either the social worker or school counselor to discuss potential group participation for their child.

Classroom Guidance Program

The "Choose Love Movement", "Second Step", "Social Thinking", and "A Little Spot of Emotion" curriculums are used throughout the year in guidance lessons. These lessons are taught by Tatiana Vanaria, our school counselor, on a bi-weekly rotation. Please refer to her "Classroom Guidance Lessons" tab for more information.

Outside Mental Health Provider List

The Wells-Ogunquit CSD school counselors and social workers have compiled a list of area therapists who provide mental health support to children, adolescents, and adults. Please contact either Tatiana Vanaria, WES school counselor, or Kathy Mitchell, school social worker, if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the list.