Today is Friday, March 27, 2020


April Noble

 Assistant Principal

Theresa Curran
 Student Services

Pam Ingram -Guidance Counselor

Kathy Mitchell - Social Worker

 School Resource Officer

Scott Long


Important Notes:
Early release Schedule:  Students are dismissed every Wednesday at 2:00.  Each teacher has a shortened schedule of the day.

This year if a snow day occurs, the following day will follow the previous days CORE schedule.  For example:  If Monday is scheduled to be a "Day 1" and there is no school due to a storm, Day 1 will be on Tuesday.

If a storm prevents us from starting school on time, and students arrive one-two hours late, due to a late arrival status, school will resume where it would have at that time.  For example, if students each lunch at 11:05 and we arrive at 10:30, students will still eat lunch at 11:05.  

Painting courtesy of Penny Pesaturo